Typical USCG Navigation Plotting questions found in the NAVPLOT module of the OUPV/100Ton exam.

Questions and answers utilize the Cheaspeake Bay Entrance Training Chart (#TR 12221)

Finding & Plotting
a positions Lat/Long
and LLNR
Determine & Plot a Position – Questions

Determine & Plot a Position – Answers

Find CTS & Distance Course To Steer & Measure Distance
Find CMG Find Course Made Good
Calculate SMG Calculate Speed Made Good
Calculate ETA Calculated Estimated Time of Arrival
Calculate Set & Drift Calculate Set & Drift
Determine CTS
with Set/Drift & Leeway
Determine CTS compensating for Set/Drift & Leeway
3 Visual Bearing Fix Plot 3 Visual Bearing Fix
CE by Visual Range Determine Compass Error by comparison to a visual range