USCG and FCC Quizes

NMCC Sample Tests ALL NMC Tests
 OUPV – Near Coastal (ONC07)  Q100 – Rules of the Road
   Q170 – Deck General – Safety
   Q171 – Navigation General
   Q172/Q153 – Chart Plot
 Q162 – Navigation General
Upgrade OUPV to 100 Ton Master – Near Coastal
Q160 – Deck General
Q161 – Deck Safety
Q165 – Navigation, Deck General & Safety
Q162 – Navigation, Deck General & Safety
Upgrade 100 to 200 Ton Master – Near Coastal
Q150 – Deck General
Q151 – Deck Safety
Q156 – Navigation, Deck General & Safety
Q158 – Navigation, Deck General & Safety
USCG Question Databases:
Rules of the Road: International & Inland USCG Database (PDF)
Deck General USCG Database (PDF)
Deck Safety & Environmental Protection USCG Database (PDF)
Navigation General USCG Database (PDF)
Navigation Problems: Chart Plot USCG Database (PDF)
Deck Reference Library USCG Deck Reference Library
Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP) Class:
FCC MROP Quiz 24 Random Qs – Learning Format
License Renewal Class – MMC Qs (Online):  
Renewal Qs (OUPV & 100/200 Ton Master) 40 Random Qs
License Renewal Class – MMC Qs (PDF):  Renewal – ALL Topics MMC Qs PDF
Rules of the Road (Both)  Renewal – Rules (Both) – PDF
Rules of the Road (International Only)  Renewal – Rules (International) – PDF
Rules of the Road (Inland Only)  Renewal – Rules (Inland) – PDF
Navigation General  Renewal – Navigation General – PDF
Marine Radio Communications  Renewal – Radio Comms – PDF
Marine Fire Fighting  Renewal – Fire Fighting – PDF
CFRs and Regulations  Renewal – CFR and Regulations – PDF
License Renewal Class (200 Ton):
Renewal Qs (200 Ton Master)  10 Random Qs
 OUPV Class:  
Navigation General (OUPV & Master) 50 Random Qs
Deck General & Safety (OUPV) 50 Random Qs
Rules of the Road (Int/Inld) Approach Diagrams 30 Random Diagram Qs
Rules of the Road (Int/Inld) (OUPV) 30 Random Qs – Learing Format
Rules of the Road (Int/Inld) (OUPV) 50 Random Qs
NAVPLOT Basic Plotting Skills
3 Random Skill Questions
NAVPLOT Practice 10 Question Test with Solutions
NAVPLOT Quiz 10 Random Qs
Upgrade to 100 Ton Master Ton Class:
100 Ton Master (Inland & Near-Coastal) 70 Random Qs
Upgrade to 200 Ton Master Class:
200 Ton Master & Mate (Inland & Near-Coastal) 50 Random Qs
Towing Endorsement Class:
Commercial Towing Endorsment 20 Random Qs
Sailing Endorsement Class:
Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement 20 Random Qs