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Classroom Classes with Simulator:


Practical Marine Radar Class and Simulator:

This 8-hour course is designed to show practical uses of marine Radar for Piloting, Chart Navigation and Collision Avoidance. Both professional Captains and recreational boaters will gain knowledge in practical Radar techniques using simple procedures. Students will receive an instructor lead classroom presentation, and work in 2 person teams during the Radar simulator practical exercises.

Topics include:

– Radar Fundamentals – Theory and Tuning

– Radar Piloting – Hazard Avoidance, Buoy Lines, Channels, Coast Lines

– Radar Fixes – Multiple Ranges, Single Target Fix

– Determining Risk of Collision

– Determining Closest Point of Approach (CPA)

– Mini- Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (MARPA)

    •  Class Hours: 0900-1600
    •  Class Schedule: Call Rick @ 571-451-7156 to schedule
    •  Location: Edgewater, MD, register @

Electronic Charting, Voyage Planning and Simulator:

This 8-hour ‘Voyage Planning and Electronic Charting’ class is designed for both professional Captains and recreational boaters to gain knowledge in safe voyage planning and electronic chart navigation.  Students will receive instructor lead classroom presentation and hands-on electronic charting techniques using Rose Point’s Coastal Explorer.

            Topics include:

– Route Planning

– Tailoring Electronic Charts

– Position-Monitoring Techniques

– Environmental Factors

– Communications Plan

    •    Class Hours: 0900-1600
    •    Class Schedule: Call Rick @ 571-451-7156 to schedule
    •    Location: Edgewater, MD, register @


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